Breaking down barriers for first-time and first-gen homebuyers and closing the racial wealth gap!

Want To Buy? Can't Find A House At A Reasonable Price?

VOTE! And call MAHA at 617-822-9100 for information on our "Affordable Homeownership Solutions" campaign.

Our communities are stronger when we vote. We have greater influence over elected officials when they know that if they deliver for us, we will turn out for them. They also need to know that if they ignore our needs or vote against our interests, we will remember that on Election Day.

The Pies Have It! Over 400 Rally for Homeownership and MAHA's Expand the Pie Campaign

When the room is full and everyone leaves with a pie, you know it has been a good meeting! Over 400 MAHA members and allies packed a Dorchester union hall on Tuesday night to rally for a campaign to increase resources for affordable homeownership in Boston. 

"This is a fight for the heart of Boston", said MAHA member Geneva Cooper. "Will it be a place where everyone can live? MAHA launched a campaign for 1,000 more affordable homes for first-time homebuyers over the next five years and committed to finding the resources necessary to accomplish that goal. 

Make Boston Affordable! See You Tonight at 6PM!

On Tuesday June 12th, MAHA members will rally in support of six great ideas that will help create more affordable homeownership opportunities for Boston residents. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the meeting, starting at 6pm, at the Boston Teachers Union hall, 180 Mt. Vernon Street in Dorchester. Are you tired of talking about the housing affordability crisis and want to be part of the solution? Sign up now.

Bank CRA Grades Continue to Slip

Only five of the state's ten biggest banks were rated outstanding by regulators

January 22, 2018 - Of the 77 Community Reinvestment Act ratings awarded to Massachusetts banks during 2017, only nine were “Outstanding", according to a report issued today by the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA). When each bank is classified by its most recent CRA rating, just 13.5% of all banks had a most recent rating of “Outstanding” at year-end 2017, continuing a four-year downward trend from 22.2% in 2013, and the lowest share of “Outstanding” ratings since 1993. 

$8 is NOT a Typo!

$8. Not a typo. In last week's Boston Globe Spotlight Team series on race in Boston, this jumped off the screen. $8 is the median net worth of non-immigrant African-American households in the Boston area compared to $247,500 for white households. Other households of color have a net worth ranging from $0 to a high of $12,000.

MAHA Announces Affordable Mortgage Deal with Santander

December 11, 2017 - Esther Dupie, MAHA's immediate past president, announced tonight at our annual meeting that Santander Bank has agreed to a five-year $265 million commitment to the ONE Mortgage program. Esther and MAHA vice president Thadine Brown welcomed and thanked Gwen Robinson, Santander's Managing Director for Corporate Social Responsibilty and Steve Adamo, US Head of Mortgage Banking.


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