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$8 is NOT a Typo!

$8. Not a typo. In last week's Boston Globe Spotlight Team series on race in Boston, this jumped off the screen. $8 is the median net worth of non-immigrant African-American households in the Boston area compared to $247,500 for white households. Other households of color have a net worth ranging from $0 to a high of $12,000.

MAHA Announces Affordable Mortgage Deal with Santander

December 11, 2017 - Esther Dupie, MAHA's immediate past president, announced tonight at our annual meeting that Santander Bank has agreed to a five-year $265 million commitment to the ONE Mortgage program. Esther and MAHA vice president Thadine Brown welcomed and thanked Gwen Robinson, Santander's Managing Director for Corporate Social Responsibilty and Steve Adamo, US Head of Mortgage Banking.

Santander Announces “Inclusive Communities” Plan – A New $11 Billion, Five-Year Community Commitment

Boston– October 30, 2017 – Santander US CEO Scott Powell today announced Santander’s “Inclusive Communities” plan, the Bank’s new $11 billion agreement with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) to increase lending, community development, and charitable giving. “Inclusive Communities” was developed with significant input from and collaboration with more than 100 community-based organizations, including MAHA leaders Esther Maycock Dupie, Symone Crawford and many others.

Ideas welcome! Over 100 Boston residents pack Franklin Park clubhouse for forum on Community Preservation Act dollars

On a day that featured much speculation in the media about how Boston would attract Amazon to the city, 120 Boston residents packed into a community room at Frankln Park in Dorchester last night to discuss a community-centered process to spend $20 million per year on affordable housing, parks, and historic preservation. 

First public forum on spending Boston Community Preservation Act dollars to be held tonight

Come “shopping” with us tonight. How would YOU spend $20 million on homes, parks and preservation? Last November, Boston residents voted overwhelingly to pass the Community Preservation Act in a campaign led by Yes for a Better Boston and MAHA. Now, the city prepares to spend $20 million on affordable housing, parks, and historic preservation. But first, a committee of nine Boston residents will be appointed to recommend CPA spending. And you can apply from now through November 9th to be on that committee. Join us on October 19th at the Franklin Park clubhouse from 6-7:30pm and learn more about how to apply and offer your suggestions about how to spend the dollars in your neighborhood.


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