Make Boston Affordable! See You Tonight at 6PM!

On Tuesday June 12th, MAHA members will rally in support of six great ideas that will help create more affordable homeownership opportunities for Boston residents. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the meeting, starting at 6pm, at the Boston Teachers Union hall, 180 Mt. Vernon Street in Dorchester. Are you tired of talking about the housing affordability crisis and want to be part of the solution? Sign up now.

MAHA community organizer and Dorchester resident Cortina Vann called on Boston residents to join her, "We know that housing prices are out of control. We want everyone to know that there is something we can do about it." MAHA will put forth a comprehensive platform to create more homes that are truly affordable to the typical Boston homebuyer.

According to data from economist and MAHA board member Jim Campen, home purchase mortgage loans to Black homebuyers in Boston has fallen by over 50% over the last ten years while the number of home purchase loans to Black borrowers in Brockton has doubled.

Events on June 12th will start at 6pm with a housing information fair with information about affordable homes being built, mortgage programs and downpayment assistance as well as what to do if you are facing an unaffordable rent increase. The program will start at 6:30pm with MAHA members presenting our homeownership solutions. We are asking city councilors to publicly support each of our proposals.