Candidates Answer MAHA's Questions Ahead of September 14 Preliminary Election

MAHA met with all five candidates for mayor of Boston to get specific commitments for actions they will take to deliver on our Homeownership Justice Vision if they are elected. Here's what they said.

MAHA also asked for written commitments from all seventeen candidates vying for four at-large seats on the city council. This chart summarizes their answers, and you can read their full answers here.

Next Tuesday  the field of 5 mayoral candidates will be reduced to 2 finalists who will face off in the final election on November 2nd.  The 17 at-large council candidates will be reduced to eight finalists competing for the four at-large seats. 

Don’t miss your chance to weigh in on which candidates should move on to the final round! Take your mail in ballot to a drop box, vote early today or tomorrow at these locations, or vote in person next Tuesday, September 14th.

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