MAHA Phone Bank Engages Thousands Of Voters

MAHA's voter outreach team didn't miss a beat as we went virtual this year. We talked to 2,269 MAHA-connected voters, giving them vital information about early voting, polling locations, and how to track their mail in ballots. We connected with hundreds of people who want to join our work to ensure development and lending in Boston reflects the needs of our residents. And we generated calls and emails to state representatives and senators asking them to redouble their efforts to move MAHA's priority legislation.

Want To Buy? Can't Find A House At A Reasonable Price?

VOTE! And call MAHA at 617-822-9100 for information on our "Affordable Homeownership Solutions" campaign.

Our communities are stronger when we vote. We have greater influence over elected officials when they know that if they deliver for us, we will turn out for them. They also need to know that if they ignore our needs or vote against our interests, we will remember that on Election Day.

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