Foreclosure-Refinance Counseling April 2024

At this time MAHA is providing foreclosure prevention and refinancing counseling services for SoftSecond/One mortgage holders. If you are experiencing problems paying your mortgage or need advice please complete the registration and click submit.

MAHA's Foreclosure Prevention/Refinance Specialist will get in touch with you.


Homebuyer Registration
Please use a Massachusetts address if possible
If you are completing this registration for a different person, please use their email.

Please provide your primary phone as numbers only - Do NOT include a 1 at the beginning.

ONLY LAST 4 numbers of your Social Security
Enter the total number of people living in your household (adults and children). NUMBERS only. Do not add any notes or other information.
Total number of adults over the age of 18 that reside at your home address.
Total number of children under the age of 18 that live at your home address.

Please indicate ANNUAL income of ALL household members. NUMBERS ONLY - DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS - NUMBERS ONLY: 123456. Do not use commas, periods, $

First generation home buyers are when you and parents / step-parents, regardless of age or time in the US, have never owned a home in the U.S.

What areas/neighborhoods do you want to buy?

Homeowner Household Foreclosure