Framework: 05-30-2024 VIRTUAL

Buying your first home is not easy, especially in today's housing market. When you eduate yourself for smart homeownership with MAHA (virtual session) and Framework (online modules), you'll navigate every step of the process with confidence.

MAHA's online First Time Homebuyer Class consists of two parts.
1. Register below for the MAHA session ($25) where you get local updates and answers to your questions.
2. Register for the online part called Framework which costs $75. When you complete the MAHA registration below you will get a link to register for Framework.

You MUST complete the Framework modules before participating in the MAHA session.
Due to COVID-19 pandemic and current requirements of social distancing MAHA sessions are now VIRTUAL and we would like to invite you to join our virtual MAHA session via Zoom. You will be provided information to “Join the Meeting” in the reminder email you get 3 days before the session.

If you have any questions, please call 339-224-4894. You may register for a class with a debit or credit card by filling out the registration form below.


Homebuyer Registration
Please use a Massachusetts address if possible
If you are completing this registration for a different person, please use their email.

Please provide your primary phone as numbers only - Do NOT include a 1 at the beginning.

ONLY LAST 4 numbers of your Social Security
Enter the total number of people living in your household (adults and children). NUMBERS only. Do not add any notes or other information.
Total number of adults over the age of 18 that reside at your home address.
Total number of children under the age of 18 that live at your home address.

Please indicate ANNUAL income of ALL household members. NUMBERS ONLY - DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL CHARACTERS - NUMBERS ONLY: 123456. Do not use commas, periods, $

First generation home buyers are when you and parents / step-parents, regardless of age or time in the US, have never owned a home in the U.S.

What areas/neighborhoods do you want to buy?

Class Fee(s)
Please choose INDIVIDUAL IN THE FIELD BELOW when you register the first person. If you are registering a second person, there is no additional charge but you must choose Second Person ON THE SECOND PAGE when you complete the co-registrant's information on the next page.
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