Fenelon, Anthonina

Anthonina Fenelon

Director of STASH, 617-822-9100 email

Anthonina joined the MAHA team in 2019. She previously worked for the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) an organization that helps clean energy companies start, scale and succeed with unique business, innovation and policy leadership. As an advocate for energy efficient housing, she is excited about educating low to moderate income homeowners about clean energy technologies that will allow new homeowners save money on their energy bills while helping the Commonwealth meet its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. Anthonina is a graduate of Wheaton College. As a community activist for maternal and infant health, she aims to help families reach another goal – homeownership. Anthonina is secretary of the Board of Directors of The Midas Collaborative. She is a proud Boston native and fluent in Haitian Creole.