What people are saying

When you turnout over 900 people in the middle of July, people talk. Here is what they are saying...

"We need to do more." - Mayor Marty Walsh

"Great job as usual MAHA" - Massachusetts Housing Partnership

"Powerful turnout tonight for MAHA" - Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George

"Truly massive turnout" - Noah, aide to Councilor Kim Janey

"We are going to build our communities up through your advocacy. It's time to lift linkage, enact a real estate transfer fee and ensure wealth flowing through our communities stays in our communities." - Councilor Lydia Edwards

"An exciting night at MAHA's annual meeting." - Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development

"This is fight for the heart of Boston. Will there be room for me and people like me?" - Cindy Heraldo, MAHA member

"Standing room only crowd" - Maddie Ribble, Dorchester resident

"Look around. These are your neighbors. These are your colleagues. These are your children, your grandchildren. This is what we are fighting for." - Acia Adams-Heath, MAHA board member

"Look at Symone Crawford being a rockstar" - Molly Goodman

"The power of the people packing the house" - Union Capital Boston

"This is what a housing crisis looks like." - Leo Stella, aide to Sen. Nick Collins

"When MAHA calls, the people come out to support more affordable housing." - Jonathan Rodriques, AFT organizer

"Proud to celebrate the $3.8 million that ensures YOU can OWN a home in Boston" - Rep. Chynah Tyler

"We were thrilled to participate in MAHA's Expand the Pie event" - Allston-Brighton CDC

"This one means a lot." - Kenzie Bok, MAHA Board member and candidate for D8 City Council

"Our community is stronger thanks to MAHA" - Cece Graham, candidate for D5 City Council

"This housing justice crowd was ENERGIZING! Go MAHA! Thank you for bringing us together to stand proudly for expanding the pie and housing for all. Also thank you for the apple pie and ice cream." - Rep. Nika Elugardo