Partnership for Financial Equity Highlights STASH in New Report on First-Generation Programs

August 10, 2023 – Partnership for Financial Equity released First-Gen Home: A Massachusetts Finanacial Equity Innovation Story today, a report on the emergence of housing assistance programs that prioritize first-generation homebuyers starting in Dorchester with Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance's STASH program. Since 2019, the concept has taken off and now there are eleven locations across the country that have first-generation programs.

The report underlines MAHA's intention in creating STASH; "We want to level the playing field, which is already tilted against first-time homebuyers, and even more so against those who have no family history of homeownership." After the creation of the pilot program, equity based first-generation homeownership programs received national attention. Now, four years later, there are first-generation programs in Minnesota, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, North Carolina, Maine, California, and New Jersey.

Read about the first-generation programs that have emerged since STASH in the report: