Homeownership University℠ - Next Step

You have graduated from MAHA's First Time Homebuyer class. What's next? Be prequalified by MAHA’s Home Purchase Advisor.

Open ONLY to graduates of MAHA Homebuyer 101. To register for Homebuyer 101 - click here.

Homebuyer Preparedness sessions are for those MAHA graduates that would like additional help “preparing” for the purchase of their First Home. Call or email for an appointment:

Hilda Fernandez: hfernandez@mahahome.org 617-265-8995 x 313
Percy Stallworth: pstallworth@mahahome.org 617-822-9100 x314

1. Obtain your FREE credit report from AnnualCreditReport.com (Get all 3 reports. No credit scores necessary)
2. Gather income documents (pay stubs, social security, child support, retirement, etc)
3. Email the documents at least 1 week BEFORE your appointment or make arrangements with your counselor to drop them off at MAHA.