Homeowner 201: Starts 11-19-2022 VIRTUAL

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and current requirement of social distancing MAHA in-person classes are now going VIRTUAL and we would like to invite all who are willing and capable to join our virtual Homeowner 201 class via Zoom. You will be provided information to “Join the Meeting” in the reminder email you get 3 days before the class.

Please complete the registration and click submit. Space is limited and is reserved upon receipt of your registration. An asterick(*) denotes a required field. If you have any questions, please call 781-462-6808

This class meets virtually

 (including yourself)
Homebuyer Registration
Please use a Massachusetts address if possible
Please provide your primary phone as numbers only - Do NOT include a 1 at the beginning. Can be the same as your cell or home number
ONLY LAST 4 numbers of your Social Security
Enter the total number of people living in your household (adults and children)
Please indicate ANNUAL income of ALL household members. NUMBERS ONLY - no $, no comma
Check all that apply
Homeowner Household