10 years ago on 9-11

Tom - Posted on 10 September 2011

Everyone has a story about where they were on ten years ago on 9-11. Many of us at MAHA had a very unique experience that day. September 11, 2001 was preliminary election day in the city of Boston and MAHA was using the day to educate voters at the polls about the upcoming Community Preservation Act ballot question in November.

Some of us were at polling locations when the planes hit the towers. There was talk that morning that the election would be postponed but election officials correctly decided to keep the polls open.

Others of us went out later in the day and finished the horrific day at the polls. There was an undeniable spirit that day - yes, one of unbelievable sadness but also one of unity and resolve. The act of voting seemed to be cathartic for many. Surprisingly, there was a steady stream of voters that evening at my polling location in Roslindale deciding to leave the images coming from their television screen and participate in the ultimate act in a democracy.

May we all remember the spirit of engagement of that day - from first responders putting their lives at risk to those Boston residents marking their confusion and sorrow and frustration and anger with a vote in a municipal election. That is democracy.


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