No Joke - Another Election Day is Here - Vote TODAY

Voters in the 5th Suffolk district will choose the Democratic candidate for state representative from parts of Dorchester and Roxbury on Tuesday, April 1st.

Five candidates, Evandro Carvalho, Karen Charles-Peterson, Jennifer Johnson, Barry Lawton, and Roy Owens are vying for the open seat. MassVOTE has published a voter guide that asks each candidate why they are running for the seat.

Remember: No one knows who you vote for, but everyone knows who votes. Politicians keep track of which individuals vote consistently, and which neighborhoods have the highest turn out. So don't give up the power and influence you gain by voting! Then work together through MAHA and other organizations to hold the winning candidates accountable for delivering on their campaign promises.

Want to find out if you live in the 5th Suffolk district? Need to check your registration status? Don't know where to vote? Call MAHA at 617-822-9100.

You can also find your polling place at

Number of CRA ratings plummet; Percentage of "outstanding" rankings highest in six years

New MAHA Report on 2013 CRA Ratings is Released

March 10, 2014 - Nearly one-quarter of Massachusetts banks (15 of 65) received an "Outstanding" rating on their Community Reinvestment Act evaluations from federal and state regulators, according to a report issued today by the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA). The number of performance examinations dropped dramatically from 2012 when 100 banks received a CRA rating.

The report was prepared for MAHA by Jim Campen, Professor Emeritus of Economics at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and a long-time member of MAHA's Board of Directors.

MAHA's twenty-third annual report lists the CRA ratings assessed to all Massachusetts banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies and evaluates the performance of the three federal regulators and the Massachusetts Division of Banks in reviewing bank performance in meeting community needs.


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